Surf Photos Joey Thomas

JT surfboards in Santa Cruz Ca

joey-thomas-surfboards-surfing-a-waveJoe has a huge number of old photos floating around. A lot of these precious beauties are sitting in his shaping room collecting foam dust (literally)…We’ll be adding more as we get to them. Enjoy some surf history!!




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  1. Phyllis Peterson says:

    What a surprise not to see your Mom’s
    and Pete’s Picture on thsis web site (Smile).

  2. Hi Joey , this is John jr, Just saying Hi

  3. Rudy "Roach" Rocha says:


    It was great seeing you this weekend. I talked to you about a sweatshirt. I would be honored to represent. W/S forever. Email me the cost. Size XL. I love my W/S family.

    Roach W/S

  4. Aloha Joey,
    Good to see you are still shaping and changed a bit. Last time I found you your postal lady got your number for me. It has been a long time my friend and I hope all is well with you and yours.
    Maybe we can hook up for a board for my son. He rides both long and short boards and does not travel to much for competition now.
    I am still at the beach teaching people how to surf and I also work with at risk youth. It is a fun thing to do and these kids are great to work with.
    Stay well my friend, and say hi to Black, and the others.
    aloha for now.

    • Willy says:

      I remember that day all too well .and when the EMT peneornsl were carrying the deceased man away on the stretcher, at the same time a wedding party was entering the beach at the next beach walk life ends and life begins I think we were all speechless the rest of the trip. Thank you for being there for me and helping me through the tough times when the waves have knocked me down and tried to pull me under I thank God for a sweet precious friend like you!! God is good and faithful and knows who and what we need in our lives for sure. I love you sweet friend!! -Seachele

  5. Misty Ford says:

    Something came on t.v. (I now live in Arkansas) about surfing. Made me think of my first board… a Joey Thomas short board, lime green and white! Used to live in Aptos and surfed in Capitola, Shark Point… etc. Great to see you are still sharing your craft with others. Gosh, that’s been 35 years ago for me!!! Congrats on a lifetime of success~

  6. Nice !! says:

    Got More !! ??

  7. Sharon Stephens says:

    Hey Joey,
    You are certainly a man of many talents,and I have enjoyed browsing through your surf board sites.

    I hope you have a much blessed year – since last year wasn’t so great because of unexpected trips to family funerals. I hope everything is getting better, and back to normal. God bless!

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