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JT surfboards in Santa Cruz Ca

joey thomas santa-cruz caJoey Thomas was first exposed to surfing at a very early age (1959). His first encounter started around the time of his fifth grade year.

The first time Joe witnessed the act of surfing was when he and his step brothers rode their bikes down to the beach. They sat in awe as a couple guys were riding boards and catching waves. Joe recalls it as the most amazing thing he had ever seen in his entire life.

By the summer of 1960, Joe had his first¬† surfboard. It was a Dewey Webber 8’4″ 22″ wide single fin with blue panel rails. His mother had purchased it using her vacation money, which Joe says, “was something she would never let me forget”.

It took Joe a couple of days to get the hang of it; standing in the ocean about waste high, laying down on the board and trying to pop up before hitting the sand. It took him awhile but he still recalls his first wave:

“Just the glide, just the feel, just to have the wave push you for that free ride, is incredible”.

Joe continued to surf through high school. On his senior year he was invited to ride for Dewey Webber Surfboards Competition Team out at Venice Beach.

Joe also got a job working at the Dewey Webber Surfboard shop in Venice. They had him making foam tail blocks but soon realized his talent. That’s when he graduated to a shaping machine, shaving blanks and assisting legendary Dewey Surfboard Shaper Herold Iggy.

Shortly thereafter, Joe found himself in Hawaii. He managed to get his hands on three surfboard blanks and a shear form.  He later recalls shaping all three blanks by hand, with that shear form!

steamer-lane-Joey-ThomasJoe spent a few years in Hawaii before making it back to the mainland. Eventually, due to the influence of his old competition buddies, Joe found himself in Santa Cruz California building surfboards.

Around the early seventies, Joe had really done well honing the craft of surfboard shaping and designed his first flagship board, “The Round Tail Twin Fin”.

Joe say’s, “the round tail twin fin is a super loose, super fast board with great maneuverability.”

It didn’t take long before Joe’s creativity and talented designs would take the surfboard industry by storm. He later released one of the very first quad fin designed surfboards. A surfboard that many ride today.

Joe spends his days shaping a particular type of board. Its a 7’6″ – 7’11″ 22″ wide, 18″ nose, 15″ tail 2 3/4″ round pin 4 fin surfboard. It’s what he calls his, “The Evolution”. He say’s, “It a great board for people my age, it gives you the early entry, you have the four fin skate, you can actually ride the tip. the cut backs are fantastic and given that its on an EPS blank, it makes for a very buoyant board and as a result, the rhythm of the wave works for you instead of against you”.

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