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JT surfboards in Santa Cruz Ca

JT surfboards Joey Thomas santa CruzJoe spends his days shaping a particular type of board. Which is a culmination of all of his experience over the years. Its a 7’6″ – 7’11″ 22″ wide, 18″ nose, 15″ tail 2 3/4″ round pin 4 fin surfboard. It’s what he calls, “The Evolution”. He say’s, “It a great board for people of all ages, it gives you the early entry, you have the four fin skate, you can actually ride the tip. the cut backs are fantastic and given that its on an EPS blank, it makes for a very buoyant board and as a result, the rhythm of the wave works for you instead of against you”.


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  1. James Johnson says:

    I have a very nice Joey Thomas Sat77 #425. Its a 7’1″. Given to me by John Redell of Santa Cruz.Whats the value?

  2. Garth says:

    Would really like a 7’6″ what do you charge for one??

  3. Hey There,
    I just made a short movie with Joey and he told me if it would be possible to publish on his site.

    I have two links. You can choose the one that works better with your site.






  4. Dickie says:

    Have been trying to call Joey about my order and not been able to connect. I realize he does not have a computer so would appreciate somehow for someone to tell him I would like to hear from him.

    • jtadmin says:

      Hey Dickie, I realize this is a super old message and I’m sorry for that.. Were you able to get in touch with Joey?

  5. david gong says:

    Hi Joey: How much are you charging for 9′ hi performance longboard with your four fin system with 6oz glass? thanks

  6. Dickie says:

    Yes Joey and I have been in contact several times
    Love his evolution 7″6″ Quick entry,very responsive and down the line speed.

  7. Dickie says:

    Hey Joey~
    We had some good waves in El Sal this year Had the 7’6″ with me and had a blast Pretty crowded though with 18 Brazilians showing up Was there from Oct. 17 to 27 Got home and had to get prepared for Hurricane Sandy She turned out to be a BITCH Homes and lives lost Greggors house is toast We spent 3 weeks gutting it The evolution is still my go to board Had a great waves the last couple of days and reaaly enjoyed it She is getting kind of worked and may be time this spring to order another
    Hope all is well Hope you get this message

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