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JT Joey Thomas surfboard finsThe large surfboard fin that looks like it belongs on a shark is called a Cut Away Fin. It is based off a Steve Sanders design that Joe had built. It has a vector foil with an inside concave. If you look at the fin from the side it looks a lot like a fish fin. The back fins have a 3.5″ base when normally you would have a 5″ base. This 3.5″ cutaway at the base gives a real nice release at the top of the wave. If you were to run your fingers along the rear of the fin and follow it upwards towards the tip, you would notice an outward taper about a third of the way up the fin. From left to right, the fins length increases to 5″.  This increase adds drive and stability to the board. It’s a really cool and highly effective fin. Except a 30-40% increase in maneuverability with this fin.

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  1. Kendall Burks says:

    I need a small replacement fin for my board.What’s the best way to go about getting one? Hope all is well

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