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mike-tabeling-with-joey-thomas-surfboard150Thanks for visiting Joey Thomas’s surfboard website. Joey Thomas is a surfing pioneer who continues to hand shape custom boards in Santa Cruz California to this very day. Joe is going on 50+ years of riding and shaping surfboards and is considered to be one of the very few true master craftsman left in the surfboard shaping world.

Joe’s passion is surfing and making boards. His attention to detail combined with 50+ years of surfing and shaping experience is clearly noticeable in every hand crafted custom board that leaves his shaping room.

Joe is in his mid 60′s now and still an avid surfer, he spends most of his time hand shaping boards that work well for the older guys and gals.

If you are interested in a high quality, hand shaped board by the Legendary Joey Thomas of Santa Cruz California, then please feel free to give him a call or drop him a message. You can call him on the phone or leave a message on his contact page.

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9 Responses so far.

  1. Mr. santa cruz says:

    Hey Joe…Great site!!

  2. Dori says:

    Wow, a Joey Thomas website…my gosh, Joey and I go back to the 1970′s Santa Cruz days. Lots of good memories. LOL, right Joey?

    Good to see you’re still loving the ocean and making boards because that is part of what defined your life then and still does. Good going on the martial arts, too. Not surprising you would excel in that sport, too.

    God bless you, Joey, and I’m looking forward to visiting you in Santa Cruz!

    Hey! MY hair is still long! LOL

  3. Phyllis Peterson says:

    Hey Joey !! I am your Mom and what a Joy it has been to have you in my life and Dori too. The next advice I can give you is never put an x husband on a web sight before your Mom ( Smile) Love,

  4. Dori says:

    Joey is having a great time in El Salvador! Hope you rode one for me, Joey! Good talking to you…

  5. John Marikos says:

    I just viewed your video on the Surfer’s Journal web site, and wanted to say how great it was to see how well you’ve done over the years. I’ve made contact with the Capo brothers, but have failed to find Pat. Gary thinks he might be in Arizona.
    I’m a retired school teacher now and have started to shape boards. I think back to the wasted years when I could have learned shaping from Gary, Pat, or you.
    Kind regards

  6. Jon says:

    I have a Evolution Santa Cruz California 75 x 20 1/2 #3796. I was hoping you could tell me something about it. I never was much of a surfer but I love to watch the sport and I love this surfboard. It’s yellow with black pinstripes and it has a custom design in green with a Evolution Santa Cruz California surfer logo in black. It’s a really cool looking design. Could this be one of the boards you made? Cool website. Love the video. It always cool to see someone earn a living doing what they love. Best of luck to you. God bless

  7. Steve Hullibarger says:

    Hi Joey,

    Back in the 60′s we shared a lot of waves at D&W. I remember them well. I just stumbled on your web site. I wanted to say hi and I’m happy you’re doing well.

    ESHS 1966

  8. Steve Hall says:

    Hey i got this board my buddies day road.. when he was a teenager… he’s 76 now.. and im thinking this board is one of your OG boards… it has the JT logo on it.. and its been beaten up… anyways.. just would like to know if i could find out if its one your Original boards you made?

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